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                      Ten Things I Know About Jenn

1. She learned to play keys on an old harpsichord

2. She was in the Radio City Christmas Show

3. She runs a children's theater class 

4. She has her own CD

5. She still tap dances (catch her at one of our gigs)

6. She has chickens and children

7. She met Andrew in a bar in San Fransisco while on vacation

8. She is a licensed and practicing Music Therapist 

9. She likes to band-ter

10. She sings lead and plays guitar and keys for EBR 

          Things I Made Up About Jenn


- She was once in two plays at the same time

- She knows the top ten Divas by heart

- She partied with REM

- These are her Glinda/Elphaba head shots.

(Good Witch/Wicked Witch)

- That is extra terrestrial antenna coming out of her head below.   

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