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Basses Covered

1967 Hagstrom Concord C-1

1975 Fender Precision

1953 Kay Upright

2015 NS CR Series Double Bass

2012 Kala U-Bass

Amped Up

MarkBass  CMD-102P

Gallien Kruger MB150S

197? Acoustic Bass Head & Acoustic 15" Speaker Cab

Roland Microbass

Why East Branch Revival?

The East Branch is a tributary of the Perkiomen Creek and it winds through where we live.  Some local road signs call it the Branch Creek, regardless the idea of meandering between the members of the band seems appropriate.  The way the water ebbs and flows, the rushing sounds roll, roll, roll.  It's reflective of our genre and sound, folk, rock, soul.


And it is a revival, a renewal, an awakening, the phoenix from the ashes.  Be here now, a mantra, playing in the band, one is part of the whole.  We have come a long way to get to this point, where we have been all along, so if not now, when?


East Branch Revival, just going with the flow ...

Back Ground:

I started playing bass in 1978 while at Penn State in 2 bands, Serendipity and Underground Spring.  After graduation, I was a founding member of Born Cross-Eyed, a Grateful Dead tribute  band that played through out SEPA in the 80's.  In the early 90's, I played in Hungry Planet, which mixed cool covers with original songs.  Life and kids took over the 90's and Y2K period.  Then in 2013, Dina and I started playing together and we went to the Doylestown Bluegrass Jam and SMF Folk Jam.   We formed Bourbon & Grass from Dec '14 to August '17 and now we are part of East Branch Revival.

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